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Swiss International VET Academy - SIVETA

About us

For several years, vocational education and training (VET), including upper-secondary level VET and tertiary-level professional education PET, has become a priority for many governments and companies worldwide. The Swiss dual-track VET system (apprenticeship) captures international attention due to associated results like the low youth unemployment rate and a high competitiveness and innovation capacity.

The SIVETA offers are characterized by competence and implementation orientation. The model “Swiss VET” can be experienced, becomes concrete and serves as a starting point to think of adaptation and cultural contextualization of crucial elements. The situation based approach of SFIVET serves as reference for an efficient, stringent, simple and worldwide implementable pedagogical approach.

The objective of the SIVETA offers is to support skills development worldwide and especially the development of dual-track elements in vocational education. The targeted audience are experts, VET professionals, representatives of VET-institutions governmental and non-governmental and companies.

The language of instruction is typically English but can be adapted to German, French and Spanish on demand.

Since 2018, over 80 participants from all over the world have joined SIVETA courses.

We are your trusted partner for :

  • Elaborating labour market responsive and competence oriented curricula
  • Training highly competent VET teachers and instructors in companies
  • Establishing effective pedagogical arrangements to develop the competencies of the future workforce
  • Advising on an sustainable dual track skills development or (T)VET system on upper secondary or tertiary level
  • Conducting relevant research and evaluation in the field of VET
  • Approaching functional mindset for (inter)acting in VET